The Philosophies of
Paul Altieri

The Business of Business – Words to Run By:

I thought I would take this opportunity to share some business and life philosophies that may help fellow entrepreneurs.

  1. Never accept mediocrity.   Be the best and expect the Best!   Have a passion for excellence.
  2. Never stop hiring. Never!  Run your company like a baseball team always building your farm system for future players.  That twenty year old 3rd baseman may be your next superstar.
  3. Never rest on your laurels; don’t sit still.   Be restless & set high goals.  There is no such thing as coasting – You are either growing or slowing.
  4. Speed counts. Business today moves at the speed of light. Market opportunities shut faster and peak sooner. That new opportunity will be gone by noon.
  5. Simplicity counts. Keep it simple! Simple messages travel faster and perform better. Less is almost always more.
  6. Invest in good people. People are NOT your greatest asset like the books all say.  Good people are.  There is a huge difference.
  7. Focus on building long term value for the Company –  Think long term….but remember you have to eat short term.
  8. Embrace change, don’t fear it. Change is really the only constant and there are plenty of examples of companies who haven’t embraced it.
  9. Understand the value of surprise – make everyday fresh, alive and exciting.
  10. Dominate your trade area.   Control your destiny or someone else will… Know your competition and be faster or better or cheaper.  ( pick two )
  11. Obstacles and walls and barriers to entry are good.  They keep the competition out.  Don’t let it keep you out.
  12. Don’t be afraid to fail.  Failure is good….. It’s the best teacher. No batter ever got a hit without swinging the bat.
  13. Make every minute productive – there are no “rewind buttons” in life.  Every down has to move the ball forward down the field.
  14. Don’t hesitate to terminate a bad employee. You are holding them back from finding a better fit and it’s a waste of resources on your company.
  15. The simple math of opportunity:  Look for opportunities that present “ 1 + 1 = 3”.  Anyone can get to 2, find ways to get to 3.
  16. Don’t forget to aim high. If your fingers are touching the wall, you are standing too close.  REACH!
  17. It’s not what you do with the first 40 hours, its what you do with the second 40.
  18. If you can’t outsmart your opponent ( competition ) then outwork them.

What? You’re still here? Go out and build your empire already!